Low flow, low pressure power generation solution

A modern and cost-effective source of power for your facility

The Rotary Steam Motor is an alternative to single-stage steam turbines for low steam flow applications. The steam motor expands the steam through rotary vanes using a patent-pending design that allows for efficient turndown. With a lower capital cost than a steam turbine, this option opens the field for power generation from small steam systems, which would otherwise be uneconomical.

Steam Turbine Generator Calculator

Steam motors are ideal for low flow PRV bypass applications in a wide range of facilities including breweries, hospitals, schools, universities and more. If you would like to discuss the suitability of a steam motor in your system, please contact us.

  • Technical Specifications
Power Generation Capacity: Up to 600 kWe
Generator Voltages: 480VAC, 600VAC, 4160VAC
Power Factor: Set between 0.4 and 1.0
Steam Inlet Pressures: Up to 250 psig
Steam Inlet Temperature: Up to 406°F
Footprint: 4’ x 8’ (typical)
Weight: 5,000 lb (typical)
Motor Bearing Lubrication Type: None – self-lubricating
Motor Bearing Cooling Air: 6-8 cfm (some models, compressor may be included)
Generator Lubrication Type: Anti-friction grease
Generator Coil Cooling Water: None
Throttle Control: Electrical actuation
Control Panel Power: 120 VAC / 1 Ph / 60 Hz / 20 A