Generating Power Through Process

AirClean provides industrial, institutional and commercial power islands. Our engineers specify, engineer and manufacture our own line of skid-mounted, steam-driven generators and integrate them with boilers, HRSG's and waste-heat-recovery solutions to increase your plant's profitability.

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AirClean Extraction Condensing STG Compressed

Pressure Reducing Valve Station

PRV Power Generation

If you have a steam pressure reducing station that reduces 25,000 PPH with a pressure drop of 75 PSIG, or more, you can generate power.  

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Steam Engine

Steam Engine Generator

Steam engine generators operate efficiently, and cost effectively, where the competing technologies cannot. Target applications are typically under 500 kW and have steam flows between 1,000-10,000 lb/hr.

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AirClean Controls and Skid small

Skid Solutions

Are field installations costs and times impacting your projects? If so, AirClean has a solution. See samples of our custom-design skid system capabilities to meet your unique needs.

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